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April 8, 2017

Conservative or corporate fields, including finance, medicine and law, still often require formal interview attire such as suits, he says, whereas more artistic fields such as design, advertising or fashion tend to have more relaxed expectations and room for creativity.”If you’re going to an office where everyone is wearing jeans, you don’t want to show up in a three-piece Brooks Brothers suit,” Garza says. “But you still want to be dressed up and look polished.”

As the owner of her own styling business, Sanders says one of the first things she looks for is whether or not the candidate has a sense of style.”Like it or not, a judgment is made based on appearance within the first 10 seconds of meeting somebody,” Sanders says.”Your outfit doesn’t have to be really expensive or trendy. It doesn’t have to be perfection. But it does have to look like you care and that you will be able to project the image of my company to clients.”For women interviewing in more casual offices, Lupo suggests pairing tailored dark denim jeans or tailored pants with a fitted blazer and heels. Dressy flat-front khaki slacks in a tropical-weight wool, such as gabardine, paired with a trim jacket, a button-down shirt and chocolate brown wing-tip shoes is his go-to combination for men, he says.

Candidates in high-tech might also have the added challenge of navigating unconventional interview settings, which Siefert encountered recently with a client who was applying for an executive-level job in Silicon Valley.Instead of an in-person interview, the candidate was told that the interview would be conducted virtually over a high-definition television screen by a manager in another office.”I found myself giving her last-minute media training,” Siefert says. “No black attire, which is too harsh; no loud jewelry, because the focal point is from the torso up; no crazy patterns on the shirt, and flawless makeup. HD shows every pore and mark on your face!”

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