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June 14, 2017

KORS’ strong strategic growth initiatives, directed at expanding its brand reach worldwide, are helping the company’s market share grow at a decent pace. KORS recently opened its world’s largest flagship store in New York. With the store, the company has launched its first ever ready-to-wear men’s wear and men’s footwear outlets. The company is expected to benefit from men’s wear market growth; according to analysts, men’s wear will contribute approximately $40 billion by 2019 in the global apparel market. I believe that adding a men’s wear store outlet to its retail business will better KORS’ future growth potentials.

In addition to store expansion, the company is working to extend the product range of its well-known business segments like handbags and watches. Owing to KORS’ attractive handbag range, being offered at reasonable prices, upper income U.S. teens prefer them over its peers. By the end of fall 2014, KORS held the highest share in the handbag category, as shown in the chart below.Michael Kors (NYSE:KORS) shares have had an extraordinary run in their share price since it went public in 2011. Now, however, alarm bells are ringing as some analysts and commentators are starting to assert negative comments about KORS stock due to alleged discounting of KORS more upscale products. KORS shares are down 20 percent from their 52 week high from earlier in 2014.

KORS designs, markets, distributes, and sells branded women’s apparel and accessories, and men’s apparel. The company has three divisions: retail, wholesale, and licensing. The retail division sells women’s apparel including accessories such as handbags and small leather goods. As of March 2014, KORS had 288 retail locations in North America; and 117 international retail stores in Europe and Japan. KORS wholesale division sells accessories including handbags and small leather goods, footwear in department stores and specialty shops in North America and Europe. KORS licensing division licenses its trademarks on products, such as fragrances, cosmetics, eyewear, leather goods, jewelry, watches, coats, men’s suits, swimwear, furs, and ties, as well as licenses rights to third parties to sell their products in specific geographical regions around the world.

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