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December 14, 2017

The global luxury goods market has slowed down during the current year and so far this market has performed in line with 2013’s results. According to Reuters, worldwide sales of personal luxury goods will grow 4% to 6% compared to the 6.5% increase in 2013.size 4 Michael Kors shoes While the worldwide growth may slow down Ralph Lauren expects its leather goods including handbags, shoes and other accessories may grow at a faster pace than the overall company in the next several years.

We’ve now closed the books on a very prosperous 2013, a year in which the markets saw a greater than 20% gain among the various indices. Even though the market is once again knocking against all-time highs as we proceed into 2014, there are still plenty of opportunities in the market to build a portfolio at attractive valuations.As a self directed investor I follow the adage that we invest in a market of stocks, not the stock market.size 4 Michael Kors shoes A prudent shopper should always check the weekly ads to find the best deals before heading out for groceries at the local supermarket. Unfortunately for investors, finding those “blue light specials” can be a little tougher to come by when searching the stock market.

Of course we could blindly grab items off the shelf with no regards to prices on individual items,size 4 Michael Kors shoes aka “index investing”, but I can’t see paying full price for a stock when I can periodically get them on sale instead.With that in mind I thought it would be a great exercise to walk the proverbial “aisles” of the market to try to find some bargains in the mix and share those ideas with you.With this series of articles I would like to review a few companies from each of these sectors trading at attractive valuations that could be used to build a diversified dividend growth portfolio that offers decent yield, dividend growth, and opportunity for capital appreciation.

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