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December 13, 2017

Some ponchos already have cult status, like Sonia Vassi’s $220 loosely crocheted and hand-tied versions in black or multi colors, a favorite of the celebrity and society set; and Vince’s $245 cashmere cable poncho that looks like a sweater, with buttons that can be worn on the side or in the front.The look is an extension of the happier feeling that fashion has been taking lately; they are fun to walk in, as they sway back and forth.As has often been said:note 3 Michael Kors phone case “It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing.”As one might expect, the chief executive officer of Prada, Patrizio Bertelli, has a somewhat snobby take on U.S. department stores: They’re too low-rent, what with never-ending discounts.

“They seem to be on a permanent end-of-season sales mode,” Bertelli recently said.Even for Prada, a brand that would rather die than be caught in an “everything-must-go” situation, this is a growing problem.”They are not interested in promoting products and brands while in display, because they are constantly engaged in markdowns,” Bertelli said. Translation: “If you’re the type of consumer who buys $450 sneakers, you’re focused on the shoes, not the price.”Prada, which also owns Miu Miu brand stores,note 3 Michael Kors phone case is increasingly going its own way. The company has virtually cut off its stream of goods that flow through wholesale channels. This year, Prada opened 66 stores that it operates directly, bringing its total to 516. An additional 80 locations are planned for 2014. The change is dramatic: In the most recent quarter, 86 percent of its revenue came directly through its stores and websites, up from 53 percent five years ago.

“It would be a pretty easy thing for us to sell $136.6 million (or more) through wholesale accounts, but it’s very detrimental in terms of brand image,” Bertelli said. “We’d rather stay away from that.”For retailers at all levels, the calculus of sales and discounts is getting trickier.note 3 Michael Kors phone case Shoppers have gotten accustomed – some would say addicted – to buying at markdowns; J.C. Penney tried to wean customers off coupons last year and then experienced plummeting sales and the disappearance of more than half its market value.

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