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April 5, 2017

| Nine ten women admit they more than ten items of junk their handbags and yet almost the same amount never that one fail-safe essential – cash! Despite products such as smartphones getting smaller and lighter year on year, totes are now heavier than ever. The average bag weighs at average 5lbs filled with all its contents, which is the equivalent of a small dog. A new survey polled 3 British women reminiscing on their handbag of the 90s compared to the essentials of today. Results show over the past 20 years the contents of the average woman’s handbag has evolved beyond recognition.  The research highlighted the increasing dependence on technology, with 86 per cent of women relying solely on card payments, and not ever carrying cash. A further 94 per cent of women say they ‘t own A-Z, instead depending on their phone’s navigation app to get around.michael kors watches It sounds simple but we end up carting around shoes, notebooks, books we never read – keep it light and give your back a break. Instead of carrying a whole makeup palette invest handbag eyeshadow – and refill those sample size foundation bottles. Empty your bag out every weekend and decide what you really need and what you ‘t – and out any rubbish. Those receipts and train tickets mount up.

However several items have stood the test of time with painkillers, make-up and chewing gum all retaining spots the top ten. But expensive necessities such as tablets and smartphones, have seen the average cost of a handbag’s contents rise to a staggering average £1, with women their 20s typically hauling thousands of pounds worth of gadgets around with them. A spokesperson for e-cigarette brand Vapestick, which conducted the research, said: ‘Technology has had a huge affect on what we all around with us these days, and has helped improve almost every aspect of our everyday lives. ‘It be interesting to how technological developments change the contents of a typical handbag again over the next twenty years.’ Keep all those rogue lipsticks from rolling around your bag. We all to keep a great eyeshadow palette that’s now cracked and leaking but it can make a mess of your handbag michael kors watches.

Our lives are now typically run by simply six essential tech items, meaning the average woman is now walking around with £1 on her arm. Despite technology streamlining our everyday essentials from 14 items 1994 to just 6 key pieces today, women insist on carrying round the ‘just case’ items despite never needing to use them. overwhelming 73 per cent 10 or more items of -called junk their handbags. than half of those spare shoes, and 36 per cent carrying around spare underwear. Yet only 23 per cent say they use these items on a regular basis.

This is stark contrast to women of the 90s who counted their A-Z as the most important item their handbag after their and cash. The smartphone ranked as the single most important item carried on a daily basis, above even cards and keys, compared with women of the 90’s who did not view a mobile phone as being everyday essential at all. Other items now obsolete include cheque books, music players and books. They have been replaced with credit cards, phones and e-readers. The popularity of e-cigarettes, which provide alternative to smoking, are replacing the cigarettes and lighter’ combo as a handbag essential michael kors watches.

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