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April 6, 2017

Luxury handbag and accessories company is expanding its footwear collection, buying Weitzman Holdings LLC from private equity firm Sycamore Partners for about $530 million, according to reports, Tuesday, . 6. less Acquisitions buys Weitzman is expanding its footwear collection. Inc. also make up to $44 million contingent payments to Sycamore Partners if certain revenue targets are hit during the three years after the deal closes. The deal is expected to bolster ‘s image while creating growth opportunities as it struggles to turn around its brand under new CEO , who took the post 2014. For Weitzman, the deal expand its business overseas. It’s a rare acquisition for , and while analysts praised the deal, some worry that it could be a distraction to its core business. been struggling as shoppers have defected to brands like Michael Kors and Spade for handbags that are edgier but are priced similarly.michael kors wallet has had five straight quarters of sales declines including its most recent quarter, which ended Sept. 27, when total sales were down nearly 10 percent and North American sales fell 19 percent. previously announced plans to close about 70 underperforming stores fiscal 2015. Last year, the company hired British designer Vevers to inject new life into the brand. clunky-looking went on sale July 1979, redefining the way people listened to music. The NW-ZX2 is among products unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show Las Vegas this week. also presented ultra-high-definition action camera that uses the 4K video format it’s trying to push.That affordability gap caused sales to slide 2014, restraining price growth. CoreLogic projects that price growth remain mild as the market continues to recover from the lows after the recession. , home prices remain 12 percent below their 2006 peak. Over the next 12 months, CoreLogic predicts, home values rise 4 percent. But pockets of weakness are surfacing some parts of the country, noted Sam Khater, deputy chief economist at CoreLogic. three of the states with the highest gains November – Texas , Colorado and North – home values have benefited from the energy boom, Khater said. But as oil prices have slumped, home values these states may also fall, he said. But home values increased a solid 9 percent Michigan and 7 percent California. Television CNBC daytime drops Nielsen Financial cable news channel CNBC announced Tuesday it no longer use Nielsen’s ratings service to count people who watch its daytime business coverage. The move comes after a tough 2014 when CNBC delivered its lowest audience numbers – average of 175 viewers – since 1995. michael kors wallet



His debut handbag collection for hit stores September. has been trying to diversify, but handbags still account for the bulk of its business. For the year ended June 28, women’s handbags accounted for 55 percent of total annual sales of $4 billion. Weitzman had about $300 million revenue for the 12 months that ended Sept. 30. Electronics ‘s pricey new Corp. The cameras challenge products from San Mateo’s GoPro Inc. the market for filming extreme sports.michael kors wallet Real estate Measured rise for home prices Home values at a measured pace November, a sign that demand remains weak as buyers have been priced out of the market. Prices increased 5 percent November compared with 12 months earlier, real estate provider CoreLogic said Tuesday. That was up slightly from October’s increase of 5 percent, which initially was reported at 6 percent. potential buyers were sidelined by double-digit home price gains 2013, which eclipsed average wage growth of roughly 2 percent. is bringing back the , with a new model of the music player pioneer that comes with high-resolution playback and Bluetooth -connected headphones. The new , designed for audiophiles, is expected to cost about $1. It’s a high-end version of a model released 2013 after retiring the classic cassette player 2010. The first-generation.

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