His mother, with whom he is close, is a former model who lives in Los Angeles, so on his trips to California, he doesn’t get to the Bay Area often. On the morning of the fashion show, he toured the Presidio and took pictures for his Facebook page, went to the Haight (“I was ready for Jerry Garcia and Janis Joplin to walk by”) and then to the Castro, to see if anything had changed since the filming of “Milk,” and stopped in a little shop where he bought antique French linen ribbon in the color of hemp, “just because it was beautiful.”His visit had obligations, of course. A day after the fashion show sponsored by Saks Fifth Avenue, there was a trunk show at the store, a luncheon and a private dinner. He loves the diversity of San Francisco’s populace, the distinct neighborhoods, the food, and, of course, the bay. “I’m a water freak,” he said. “To be surrounded by water on every vista? Sign me up!”