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July 17, 2017

The Company grants stock-based awards to certain employees and directors of the Company. Awards are measured at the grant date based on the fair value as calculated using the Black-Scholes option pricing model, for share options, or the closing market price at the grant date for restricted shares. These fair values are recognized as expense over the requisite service period, based on attainment of certain vesting requirements, which included the Company’s completion of an initial public offering (“IPO”). Determining the fair value of stock-based awards at the grant date requires considerable judgment, including estimating expected volatility,Michael Kors ovn expected term and risk-free rate.

The Company’s expected volatility is based on the average volatility rates of similar actively traded companies over the past 4.5-9.5 years, which is the Company’s range of estimated expected holding periods. The expected holding period for options which vest based on performance requirements are based on the period to expiration which is generally 9-10 years, which directly correlates to the Company’s service period requirement for such options. Generally, the expected holding period for time-based vesting options (no performance requirements) are calculated using the simplified method which uses the vesting term of the options, generally 4 years, and the contractual term of 7 years, resulting in a holding period of 4.5-4.75 years. The simplified method was chosen as a means to determine the Company’s estimated holding period as prior to December 2011,Michael Kors ovn the Company was privately held and as such there is insufficient historical option exercise experience. The risk-free rate is derived from the zero-coupon U.S. Treasury Strips yield curve, the period of which relates to the grant’s estimated holding period. If factors change and the Company employs different assumptions, the fair value of future awards and resulting stock-based compensation expense may differ significantly from what the Company has estimated in the past.The financial statements of the majority of the Company’s foreign subsidiaries are measured using the local currency as the functional currency.

The Company’s functional currency is the United States dollar (“USD”) for MKHL and its United States based subsidiaries. Assets and liabilities have been translated using period-end exchange rates, and revenues and expenses have been translated using average exchange rates over the reporting period. The adjustments resulting from translation have been recorded separately in shareholders’ equity as a component of accumulated other comprehensive income. Michael Kors ovn Foreign currency transaction income and losses resulting from the re-measuring of transactions denominated in a currency other than the functional currency of a particular entity are included in the consolidated statements of operations.

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