Michael Kors jet set wallet

June 16, 2017

If we do not correctly gauge consumer needs and fashion trends and respond appropriately, consumers may not purchase our products and our brand name and brand image may be impaired. Even if we react appropriately to changes in fashion trends and consumer preferences, consumers may consider our brand image to be outdated or associate our brand with styles that are no longer popular or trend-setting. Any of these outcomes could have a material adverse effect on our brand, business, financial condition and operating results.

In addition, some of our competitors may be significantly larger and more diversified than we are and may have significantly greater financial, technological, manufacturing, sales, marketing and distribution resources than we do. Their greater capabilities in these areas may enable them to better withstand periodic downturns in the accessories, footwear and apparel industries, compete more effectively on the basis of price and production and more quickly develop new products. The general availability of manufacturing contractors and agents also allows new entrants easy access to the markets in which we compete, which may increase the number of our competitors and adversely affect our competitive position and our business. Any increased competition, or our failure to adequately address any of these competitive factors, could result in reduced sales, which could adversely affect our business, financial condition and operating results.

Our current and future licensing arrangements may not be successful and may make us susceptible to the actions of third parties over whom we have limited control.We have entered into a select number of product licensing agreements with companies that produce and sell, under our trademarks, products requiring specialized expertise. We have also entered into a number of select licensing agreements pursuant to which we have granted third parties certain rights to distribute and sell our products in certain geographical areas, including, among others, South Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, the Middle East, Russia and Turkey. In addition, we have entered into similar licensing agreements with entities that are indirectly owned by certain of our current shareholders, including Mr. Kors, Mr. Idol and Sportswear Holdings Limited, pursuant to which we have granted such entities certain rights to distribute and sell our products in China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. See “Certain Relationships and Related Party Transactions—Michael Kors Far East Holdings Limited.” In the future, we may enter into additional licensing arrangements. Although we take steps to carefully select our licensing partners, such arrangements may not be successful. Our licensing partners may fail to fulfill their obligations under their license agreements or have interests that differ from or conflict with our own, such as the timing of new store openings, the pricing of our products and the offering of competitive products. In addition, the risks applicable to the business of our licensing partners may be different than the risks applicable to our business, including risks associated with each such partner’s ability to:

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