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November 21, 2017

Instinctively, I say: ‘No, I don’t need a plastic bag’ to the supermarket cashier because I always carry a cloth one in my handbag. Except today. I juggle my shopping home.My shrinking bag challenge sees me toting the 14cm black Rosario from Reiss on Friday, which costs a hefty £150 and sports a corsage almost as big as the bag itself. I can fit my phone, lip balm, keys, make-up and money, and even my ballet pumps inside. ‘Haven’t you been to work today?’Michael Kors finanzierung ask my friends when I meet them for dinner. I’m not sure if the question is prompted by my damp hair or the fact that I’m not laden down by all my usual baggage.

On Saturday, I face the ultimate challenge: a navy and red satchel from Accessorize which measures just 11.5cm and costs £12. Only my phone, keys and bank card fit inside. I take it to my pilates class – a huge change from my giant gym bag.Michael Kors finanzierung I smile to myself as I realise I didn’t even need my phone or bank card for the excursion.A handbag so tiny I can barely fit my hand into it: fashion irony at its best. Nonetheless, this bag is exactly the right size for a night out – and it also comes in a glamorous rose gold snakeskin version – though when it’s tipping down at midnight and my shoes pinch, I hail a taxi rather than hobble home in the rain.

So what has my week of downsizing taught me? If a hoarder like me can do it, anyone can and it’s liberating to leave the house unencumbered. Plus I haven’t suffered stiff shoulders all week. But I won’t be swapping my giant holdall for a micro tote. Why?Michael Kors finanzierung Well, the smaller your bag is, the bigger you will look in proportion. So I’m off to buy a suitcase . . .According to TMZ, Steven cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split; Steven and Heather are also parents to Dakota’s younger sister actress Elle Fanning, 18.On Thursday night – the same day news broke of her parents split – Dakota stepped out for the Through Her Lens: The Tribeca Chanel Women’s Filmmaker Program cocktail party.

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