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December 23, 2017

Although half the staff works out of an office in Brooklyn (“there’s no rhyme or reason to who’s in which office, except that it works,” Klein says), he considers San Francisco to be Surface’s home and insists the magazine will stay firmly planted on the West Coast.”Being in San Francisco gave us an extra mystique from the start,” he says.Michael Kors ecommerce He acknowledges that if the magazine were to be bought by a large publisher, there would be pressure to centralize the operations on the East Coast, but he wants to stay in San Francisco “for the sheer fact that I love it here.”

New York is the top market for the 125,000-circulation publication, with San Francisco second and Los Angeles third. To continue increasing Surface’s West Coast visibility, Klein is in the discussion stages on a Southern California hotel project like the Rivington.With all these projects and aspirations, it could be easy for Surface to neglect its core identity, which, after all, is a magazine. But the editors plan to unveil a redesign, of both the appearance and focus,Michael Kors ecommerce over the next few issues.

“The original concept was this was a magazine about change,” Klein says,Michael Kors ecommerce citing the several evolutions Surface has undergone in the past decade. He won’t say much about Surface’s new look, other than that it will be “the same skeleton, new skin” and that the editorial team will expand its coverage of design culture beyond the traditional areas of architecture and fashion.Klein and Johndonnell agree that the culture is undergoing what they describe as a “design renaissance” that they are trying to not just record but influence. “Magazines can generate great design,” Johndonnell says, again referencing that elusive third dimension all the parties, competitions and building projects seek to inhabit. “The goal of Surface is not only to showcase innovation, but create it.”

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