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December 7, 2017

The prince was pictured with Meghan after a romantic dinner at trendy private members’ club Soho House last month.Harry,Michael Kors d-0811 32, was said by onlookers to be relaxed about being photographed with his new love, which is being seen by royal watchers as a sign of how seriously he is taking the relationship.Another indication of their commitment was said to be that Miss Markle, who is based in Canada, has found a sitter for her dogs, Guy and Bogart.

Once a prolific social media user, Miss Markle has become much more circumspect about the information she puts out, not least because Harry is wary of such public forums.She didn’t highlight a charity trip to India last month – although some handpicked media were in attendance,Michael Kors d-0811 it is believed – and did not posted any photographs on Instagram throughout her time in London.One source told the Mail that she may well move to London permanently by the end of the year, once her filming commitments have finished, and the creators of the legal drama she stars in are already looking at ways to write her out. They say Harry has fallen ‘heads over heels’ for the actress and is desperately keen for the relationship to work.

He has long wanted to settle down and have children, while Miss Markle is said to be equally keen on starting a family.Both are said to have been enjoying living together like any ‘normal’ couple at Nottingham Cottage, Harry’s two-bedroom residence in the grounds of Kensington Palace.One source said: ‘She is beautiful,Michael Kors d-0811 accomplished, whip-smart and has all the humanitarian credentials that Harry so admires.’And although Meghan has her roots in the US and Canada, she is a keen traveller with a lot of friends in London, so moving over wouldn’t be too seismic.

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