Michael Kors

June 19, 2017

In addition, we use third-party agents to source our finished goods with numerous manufacturing contractors on our behalf. We do not have written agreements with any of our agents. As a result, any single agent could unilaterally terminate its relationship with us at any time. In Fiscal 2012, our largest third-party agent, whose primary place of business is Hong Kong and who we have worked with for the last seven years, sourced approximately 17.0% of our purchases of finished goods. Our inability to promptly replace agents that terminate their relationships with us or cease to provide high quality service in a timely and cost-efficient manner could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition and operating results.If our manufacturing contractors fail to use acceptable, ethical business practices, our business and reputation could suffer.

We require our manufacturing contractors to operate in compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations regarding working conditions, employment practices and environmental compliance.Additionally, we impose upon our business partners operating guidelines that require additional obligations in those three areas in order to promote ethical business practices, and our staff and third parties we retain for such purposes periodically visit and monitor the operations of our manufacturing contractors to determine compliance. However, we do not control our manufacturing contractors or their labor and other business practices. If one of our manufacturing contractors violates applicable labor or other laws, rules or regulations or implements labor or other business practices that are generally regarded as unethical in the United States, the shipment of finished products to us could be interrupted, orders could be cancelled, relationships could be terminated and our reputation could be damaged.

Any of these events could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition and operating results.Our business is subject to risks associated with importing products.There are risks inherent to importing our products. Virtually all of our merchandise imported into the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia is subject to duties and most of the countries to which we ship could impose safeguard quotas to protect their local industries from import surges that threaten to create market disruption.

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