htc one Michael Kors case

November 15, 2017

To anyone with a passion for fashion, the desirability of a designer handbag is matched only by their astronomic price tags.But while I have often longed to emulate the A-listers and own a Mulberry Lily or a Stella McCartney Falabella,htc one Michael Kors case financially the ‘It’ bags of this world have been out of my league — until now.For there’s an intriguing price — and size — adjustment sweeping across the luxury handbag market at the moment that is set to finally bring some of these iconic designs within reach of us ordinary fashionistas.Call it downsizing — or clever marketing — but what we’re all talking about are mini versions of some of the most sought-after designer handbags.

These tiny totes, shrunken satchels and micro messenger bags look just like the one Michael Kors case The only difference is that they are smaller and, often, far cheaper.Mulberry has just joined the fray with a dinky version of the Lily evening bag, priced at £350 compared with £695 for the larger original, and there are already mini-me versions of several classics from Chanel and Celine.Meanwhile, at Michael Kors, one of the brand’s most popular bags, a £315 satchel known as the Selma, now has a cheeky little sister, priced at just £140.This new breed of shrinky dink It bag is still far more expensive than your average High Street alternative and, indeed, cynics argue it’s simply another way of convincing us to spend money on designer labels.

But there’s no disputing that the size, and price, adjustment is one Michael Kors case So, why are mini bags the new big thing?‘On one level, what we are seeing here is a reaction to the giant bags many women were carrying around only a few seasons ago,’ says Sandra Halliday, editor-in-chief of trend forecaster Stylus Fashion.‘For the fashion pack, mini bags have an aura of newness. They’re more understated.’But the lower price point is also about opening up the designer handbag market again to a more aspirational shopper, who may have felt priced out of the luxury bag market in recent years. It’s a cunning strategy that’s as much about brand survival as it is about reinventing the wheel.

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