How to dress to impress for a job interview michael kors brown thomas

April 8, 2017

It used to be that job seekers could rely on the fail-safe uniform of power suits and sensible shoes. Less was always more when it came to dressing for the interview, and showing up in anything statement-making was considered borderline risky. But have today’s volatile job market and ailing economy changed the rules of the game?”People are so scared right now and so wanting a job that they are making the mistake of leaving their style out of the picture entirely,” says Jill Siefert, wardrobe stylist and fashion director for this year’s Dress for Successfundraising gala in San Francisco.”Businesses are looking for creative personalities and innovative thinkers right now. You have to stand out to make your mark.”

Appearing both memorable and professional can be confusing territory, however, especially for new graduates with little to no job-hunting experience, Baby Boomers re-entering the workforce or laid-off employees having to interview for the first time in years.”There’s a difference between creative style and (style that is) just plain odd or distracting,” says Keylee Sanders, a San Francisco style expert who has worked with businesses on corporate dress codes. “You want to be remembered for a positive reason, not because you decided to wear a weird hat or you had on heels that were too tall and you fell when you walked toward the door.”

While other common sense do’s and don’ts apply – such as appearing well groomed and in clean and pressed attire and never revealing too much skin – showing that you truly understand a company through your wardrobe choices and conveying your personal style can get a little more complicated.Jesse Garza and Joe Lupo, New York stylists and co-authors of “Work It!: Visual Therapy’s Guide to Your Ultimate Career Wardrobe” (Chronicle Books, 2009), advise doing research on a company’s environment before showing up for the interview.”The first thing you need to do is define the work space,” says Garza. “Is it casual? Formal? Artistic?”

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