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September 11, 2017

You can call me A(o)l: Mayor Gavin Newsom hosted a shindig at MatrixFillmore celebrating “Sammy’s Hill,” the debut novel by Kristin Gore. The Emmy-nominated comedy writer arrived with her parents, Tipper Gore and former Vice President Al Gore, after a reading at Kepler’s. The Gores mixed graciously among the hipoisie (clutching colorful cocktails in the crush) and mingled with such Poli-wonksters as Supervisors Michaela Alioto-Pier and Sean Elsbernd, mayoral aide Mike Farrah, Tony Guilfoyle Jr., the Mayor’s Office of Protocol’s Emma Green, MF manager Adam Jed and mayoral spokesman Peter Ragone, a vet of Gore’s presidential campaign and pal from Kristin’s T.V.-writing days in L.A.Craig Newmark, our online local hero and cyber crime-fighter, looked forward to meeting Gore. “But I have to give credit to Elizabeth Echols,” he said, regarding the “invention” of the Internet. “Gore was instrumental, but Liz deserves credit, too.” Tete-a-teteing within the madding crowd, Gore lauded the integrity of Newmark’s Craigslist community.

In July, Swells Inc. reported rumblings (OK, a rumble) that Ma and Pa Gore were pied shopping here. Gore is chairman of a new independent media company based in the city. INdTV, the company’s 24-hour cable news network aimed at the ever-attractive, always-elusive 18-34 demographic, starts in 2005.But Gore insisted that talk of the station or his changing ZIP codes was premature. “Tipper and I live in Nashville. I’m here tonight for two reasons only: One, I’m a big fan of Kristin’s,” he said, beaming. “And, two, I’m a big fan of Gavin’s … and Kristin’s.”Within days, a series of random items collide. Dick Blum, husband of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, arrived at the book fete with the Gores. His company is one of INdTV’s lead investors. Alex Michel, the original “Bachelor” and former S. F. resident, is spotted at a hair salon on Fillmore … two days before Kristin’s book event. Between rinses we learn that Alex’s trim was in advance of a job interview. In Silicon Valley (where Gore’s main media partner, Joel Hyatt, lives). With a new youth-oriented cable station. Featuring music, news and policy. And deep into the Newsom mayoralty, we assume a dab of hair gel, too.

Here at Swells, we’re nothing if not discreet. Our advice to a nice, Southern couple on the move? Make it easy on yourselves. Craigslist posts everything from Nashville garage sales to multimillion-dollar “Room w/Vu” rentals. And yes, Mr. Veep, in San Francisco, “room” is singular.Baby, you can drive my car: Especially if it’s a Mercedes Maybach 62, the 20-foot-something long luxury sedan. Two of the $360K-or-so beauties were parked outside Lisa and Chris Lenzo’s home when they hosted a pre-party for California Pacific Medical Center’s Foundation “Wishes for Wellness” luncheon (Nov. 17). Co-host Jennifer Biederbeck, director of Sotheby’s San Francisco, upped the luxe ante in the Lenzo’s dining room, where display cases (and armed guards) sparkled with Sotheby’s Salon Prive collection of midcentury and contemporary jewels. Ten percent of Sotheby’s sales go to the hospital; Maybach underwrites the luncheon.

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